On November 7, 2006, a bond election was conducted within the boundaries of the Yuba Community College District with more than 55 percent of the voters approving passage of the Measure J General Obligation Bond Funds in the amount of $190 million.

The Measure J Bond projects were historically approved by the Board of Trustees in 2007 (Series A and B issuance) and 2011 (Series C issuance) and were all completed/closed-out by the end of the first quarter 2014.  Over the past 10 years, the District has completed many construction and modernization projects with Measure J, Series A, B, C funds.  Projects can be seen below.

YCCD is committed to fiscally responsible management of all taxpayer funding and has actively pursued opportunities to save money. In the last 15 months, the District has conducted two bond refundings, cumulatively saving local taxpayers more than $86 million.

The Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is pleased to present annual reports for Measure J, Series A, B, C:


Yuba College

Health and Public Safety Building

The Yuba College Health and Public Safety Building (Building 2100) opened in fall semester 2011. It houses the Nursing, Psychiatric Technician, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Fire Science, and Administration of Justice Programs (Police and Corrections Academies). The crowning jewel of the new building is the 4-story Fire Training Tower. The tower is large enough for Fire Science students to train on laddering and repelling along with two burn rooms for live fire training. The tower will also have interior walls that are moveable, which will offer a variety of interior configurations for fire and training. There is a live Fire Exterior Lab with props for car fires, stove fires, propane tank fires, and more. Nursing Program students enjoy the new 7 bed nursing labs with attached classrooms, a hospital skills lab simulation center that is designed to create a controlled, immersed hospital experience. The simulation suites include labor and delivery rooms, medical/surgical ICU, emergency room, triage, and a nursing and medication station.
YC Building 2100
YC Fire Science
YC Nursing

Learning Resource Center

The Yuba College Learning Resource Center (LRC) (Building 1100) was jointly funded with State resources and Measure J, Series C local dollars. The LRC is fully equipped with a library, computer labs, study rooms, café, tutoring labs and student success center. The Building 1100 renovation was an extremely important project as the building was originally built in 1962 and had an addition in 1975, but since that time no improvements were made to the Yuba College Library. This project was completed in January 2014.
YC Building 1100
YC LRC Study

Sutter County Center

New Facility

Part of the Measure J program was the development of a new site in Sutter County. Twenty acres of land was purchased for the construction of the new Yuba College-Sutter County Center, which houses twenty classrooms, student services, and faculty offices. The center began holding classes fall semester 2012.
Sutter CC

Woodland Community College

Major Renovations

Woodland Community College (WCC) work on the Waterline Connection Project was completed in 2010. The project was to connect the campus to the domestic water supply due to problems with water quality. The existing well was retained for irrigation. The remodel of the Student Services Center (Building 700) was completed July 27, 2010. The remodeling of Buildings 100, 300 and 400 was completed. At the District Wide level, the upgrading of the I.T. Servers was initiated and completed in June 2010.
WCC Building 700

Lake County Campus

New Buildings

Three new Woodland Community College-Lake County Campus (WCC-LCC) buildings were completed in August 2012. WCC-LCC now has a new state-of-the-art Student Services Building, a Culinary Arts/Multipurpose Building and a Science Classroom facility. These Measure J buildings are the first permanent facilities at the campus and replace the original modular structures, which were originally placed on the campus in 1975.
Lake CC view
Lake CC

Colusa County Campus

New Facility

Part of the Measure J program was the development of a new site in Colusa County. Land was acquired to construct the Woodland Community College-Colusa County Campus in the City of Williams. The Colusa County Campus houses three classrooms, office space for student services, faculty and administrative support, conference rooms, and a sustainable design. The campus began holding classes spring semester 2011.
Colusa Campus