The function of the Fiscal Services Department is to develop the annual District budget, provide administrative oversight to ensure the safeguard of District assets and provide services to students and staff in the safest and most cost-effective means possible.

Fiscal Services is committed to providing a high level of customer service and maintaining the District’s financial stability.

What is the Gann limit and what modifications were made by AB 130?  Please click on this link to get additional information. 

With the changes made by AB 130, community college districts are required to have their governing board adopt a resolution with an adjusted GANN limit if the district’s proceeds of taxes (from both local and state aid) are greater than their adjusted limit calculation provided by the State Chancellor’s Office.

The Yuba Community College District’s board will review and consider the GANN Limit of $68,812,254 at its’ September 8, 2022 board meeting.

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