Authorization for School Improvements

Images of students at the college locations

Measure C is a general obligation (GO) bond and if approved by 55% of voters, authorizes locally controlled funds for new programs and classroom construction.

The Yuba Community College District – serving all or part of Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Placer, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties – has quietly grown into a critical player in the economic health of our region. Consider:

  • With five college campuses and one learning center, Yuba CCD is now the most important provider of job training to adults of all ages in the area.
  • Given the high cost of the University of California and California State college systems, our students must now look to their local community colleges as a high-quality, affordable alternative.
Image 1 = Expand career and technical education programs to provide job training to adults of all ages Image 2 = Expand Wildland Firefighting program and Fire Prevention Technology Image 3 = Construct new labs and learning spaces, in addition to to other technology facilties Image 4 = Measure C's average annual tax rate is estimated to be less than $0.03 per $100 of assessed valuation

Measure C will allow Yuba Community College District to become an even more effective job training and education center while building in ironclad taxpayer protections to ensure our tax dollars are spent prudently and wisely. With improvements and upgrades throughout the district, Measure C projects will:

  • Expand the Wildland Firefighting program and Fire Prevention Technology
  • Allow for increases in nursing and other health service occupations
  • Develop Teacher Credentialing programs to meet the regional teacher shortage
  • Expand career and technical education programs
  • Construct new labs and learning spaces
  • Meet handicap accessibility (ADA) requirements on all campuses
  • Construct agriculture technology facilities
  • Upgrade fire alarm and emergency communication systems


Measure C imposes tough taxpayer protections by:

    • Ensuring our local community college projects are eligible for State matching funds
    • Requiring independent citizen oversight and annual audits
    • Prohibiting funds from going to administrators’ salaries, pensions, or benefits
    • Imposing tough legal restrictions requiring all monies to be spent on local college campuses so that
    • the state cannot take local bond funds and spend them elsewhere


Election Day is March 3, 2020