The Testing Location

The setting for the test must be secure and must provide a suitable testing environment. Library study rooms, testing centers, vacant classrooms, unoccupied offices, or other such locations may be utilized for testing.

The student and proctor must follow accepted testing practices and guidelines provided by the District. Specifically, proctors must be told that no aids are allowed while taking the test, including calculators, books, notes, coaches, translators, dictionaries, or other assistive devices. Blank scratch paper and a pencil should be provided. The student is not to be allowed to talk with others during the test. The student is not to move the computer to another internet site and may not use other computer facilities or resources while testing.

The computer must be logged off the ACCUPLACER® WEB site at the completion of the test.


  1. A good location and testing environment, conducive to good testing practices.
  2. Computer with keyboard and mouse
  3. Internet access with Pop-up Blocker turned off
  4. Approximately 2 hours to monitor applicant taking test
  5. Applicant/Student is required to pay any proctoring fees
  6. No Dictionaries, Calculators or Notes


  1. Fill-out External Proctoring of Yuba College Placement Test Form – (pdf) with Proctor and Student Information and insure you include scheduled test date and time.
  2. Fax or e-mail the form to the Assessment & Testing Center.
  3. Receive web-site address and password.
  4. Administer Test.
  5. E-mail Assessment & Testing Center upon completion of test or if applicant fails to complete test.  


Proctors must be selected carefully to ensure that they are persons in responsible positions who will protect the integrity of the testing process. Some examples of likely proctors are: high school or college counselors, high school staff approved by the principal to give the test to high school students, librarians, military officers or education facility staff, fire or police chiefs or training officers, college testing officers, prison officials, or other persons who, in the judgment of the Director or Assessment Specialist are qualified to provide proctor services.

Persons not likely to be acceptable proctors include athletic coaches, police officers, secretaries, or persons who may have an interest in a favorable testing score. Family members are prohibited. It should be the student’s responsibility to find a suitable proctor, with possible suggestions from District staff.

Proctors should be interviewed by telephone, and must be required to state that they understand the instructions and will follow them. They should be informed that their password will expire and they will need a new one for future tests. An effort should be made to verify their work status, either through interview questions or by calling another known person for verification. A log should be kept of all approved proctors, their locations, contact information, and how frequently they are used. Potential proctors who are rejected also should be logged, along with the reasons for being rejected.


Passwords at non-District sites will be valid for one day only. The Assessment Specialist will keep a log of all passwords, and will change the one(s) provided to non-District sites (including   those issued to District personnel to be used at non-District sites) at the close of each day. If a remote site plans to test after hours, a new password should be issued for the next day before the testing session begins.

If arrangements must be made to test a student at a remote site more than a day in advance of the testing session, a password should be assigned but not activated in advance of the day of the test, recorded in the log, and given to the approved proctor. The password will be activated on the day of the scheduled test and disabled at the close of that day. For example, a student arranges to take the placement examination at a college in Kern County. The proctor is approved on December 12, and the test is scheduled for December 15 at 2 p.m.. A password will be assigned on December 12 and given to the approved proctor. The password will be logged for December 15, and on December 15 it will be activated. At the close of business December 15, it will be replaced with the password for December 16. Passwords used at remote facilities, even if used by District personnel at a library or high school, should expire at the end of each day. Only in rare circumstances should non specifically authorized persons have access to the assessment system over night.

Under no circumstances should the password used by District personnel in District facilities be provided to anyone, including District personnel, not specifically authorized by the Director of Research and Assessment to have it.