Bond funds from this issuance paid for extensive renovation, repairs and upgrades to buildings, utility systems, and grounds.  The Student Services Center and Learning Resource Center were fully remodeled. Nursing, geology and agricultural science laboratories, classrooms were also renovated. In addition, the first issuance of bond funds was used to begin the preliminary work necessary for the construction of the new Performing and Culinary Arts Facility.

Major utility system upgrades included the Waterline Connection Project, which connected the campus to the domestic water supply due to water quality issues with the existing well.  This bond issuance funded the replacement of heating/air/ventilation systems, modifications necessary for code compliance, the installation of a new boiler and chiller, roof repairs, replacement of leaky windows, landscaping, and new exterior concrete. Buildings and walkways were also modified to ensure full compliance with the American Disabilities Act.

Moreover, bond funds enabled significant investments in the campus’ technology infrastructure, transforming all classrooms into “smart” classrooms with interactive white boards and other technology features to enhance the instructional experience for students.