The younger of the two campuses in the District, Woodland College was built in 1975.  Like Yuba College, Woodland Community College was not only in need of new instructional buildings to meet programmatic needs but also modernization, as most buildings had not been upgraded to meet 21st learning standards. Your tax dollars built a new satellite campus to serve Colusa County residents, enabled the expansion of educational space at the Lake County Center, and funded significant upgrades to most buildings on the main Woodland College campus. Soon, the community will also celebrate the opening of the newly constructed Performing and Culinary Arts Facility.

Measure J and Q have also enabled necessary infrastructure and utility system upgrades including expanding classroom access to technology to support instruction and job training.

Even with the completion of so many significant projects, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and Community College Foundation have identified another $7.2 million in unaddressed deferred maintenance, renovation and repairs that are needed to bring the campus and its satellite facilities up to statewide standards.  These priorities will be addressed later when funding is available.


Series A, B & C Projects

Series D Projects

Measure Q Projects