New Performing and Culinary Arts Complex

Woodland Community College Performing Arts and Culinary Arts Facility

The final bond issuance, Measure Q, is enabling the completion of the Performing Arts and Culinary Arts Facility. Construction began on the 38,000 square foot complex in 2022 and is slated for completion in December 2023.  The facility includes learning spaces, classrooms, lecture halls, a 450-seat theater for staging performances and community events, food service operations, a commercial kitchen for culinary arts instruction, and food service operations space that will accommodate 200 students. Visual arts, performing arts and culinary arts classes will begin in spring 2024.

With the completion of this beautiful new multi-use complex, Woodland Community College is fast becoming a comprehensive campus poised to not only support programmatic growth in the visual, performing, and culinary arts but also to fill an important niche in the District’s service area as a versatile and modern venue for community events and performances by local arts organizations.

Lake County Campus – Welding Ventilation System

Welding is one of the most sought-after workforce training programs in the region.  To keep pace with workforce demands, the Lake County Campus has been steadily expanding the welding instructional program, adding new workstations and equipment. The facility housing the program, now 25 years old, needed new and expanded ventilation systems to accommodate the program’s growth. The project, completed in 2021, included a new recirculating welding exhaust system, new ductwork, the installation of a new compressor, control upgrades, and the installation of a new heater to provide temperature control in the shop areas. Measure Q funds also funded new exterior fencing and concrete, compressed air piping and painting.