Guidelines for Requesting Public Records

California’s Constitution, Article I, Section 3, subdivision (b), and the Public Records Act (Gov. Code §§ 7920.000-7931.000) govern access to public records of California state and local government agencies. California Government Code Section 7922.525 specifies that every person has the right to inspect public records maintained by any state agency. Public records include all records relating to the public’s business as defined in the California Public Records Act (Government Code Section 7920.000, et seq.). Public records do not include any writings specifically exempted by the California Public Records Act, and any writings not specifically exempted by the California Public Records Act but as to which the public agency has determined that the public interest served by not making the record public clearly outweighs the public interest by disclosure.

In order to facilitate public access to records, the District has created the guidelines that follow. The District’s procedure regarding Public Record requests is found in Administrative Procedure 3300.  If you are requesting a recording, please refer to Board Policy 2365 – Recording and Administrative Procedure 2365 – Recording.

Requests for Public Records

You can request public records by contacting the Chancellor’s Office using the Online Form or mailing address provided below:

Public Records Request Online Form


Submit an email request to: 


Submit a written request to:

Yuba Community College District – Administrative Services
3301 E. Onstott Rd
Yuba City, CA 95991

The District will provide an initial written response to a public records request within 10 days of receipt.  (Gov’t Code § 7922.535, subd. (a).)  This initial response will provide an estimated date the District will provide the documents or explain why the District cannot produce some or all of the documents.  In unusual circumstances, the District may extend the time to provide the initial response by 14 days.  (Gov’t Code § 7922.535, subd. (b).)

Public Records Exempt from Disclosure

The District will provide access to all public records upon request unless the law provides an exemption from disclosure. Examples of records exempt from disclosure include, but not limited to: certain personnel records, investigative records, drafts, attorney client privileged, records prepared in connection with litigation, certain student records, and information that may be kept confidential pursuant to other state or federal statutes.

Cost Associated with Requesting Public Records

The District may charge the direct cost of duplication when it provides copies of records to the public.  If the District must duplicate records, the charge will be 10 cents per page.  The direct cost of duplication includes the pro rata expense of the duplicating equipment and the staff (salary/benefits) required to make a copy of the record.  Direct cost of duplication does not include the staff person’s time in researching, retrieving, redacting and mailing the record.  When the District must compile electronic data, extract information from an electronic record, or undertake computer programming to satisfy a request, the District may require the requesting party to bear the full costs, including the actual costs of redacting information from electronic records.