Yuba CCD Data Collection, Usage, & Sharing:  Exhibit B

APPLICATION:  This applies to all individuals that interact with Yuba Community College District in a way that causes YCCD to collect data about them.  Those individuals include, but are not limited to, prospective, current, and former staff, faculty, students, and donors, as well as website visitors and contractors.


Yuba Community College District seeks to be transparent about the data that it collects, uses, and shares and for what purposes.  This list is not exhaustive but represents work toward thorough documentation.


This is our agreement with you about how we collect, use, and share your information. By connecting with the District via our website, applying to the district’s colleges, or myriad other ways, you consent to our data collection, use, and sharing.

We collect information, which includes data that you provide, data collected automatically (potentially including location information), and data from third party sources.  We use the information that we collect to conduct various institutional and educational activities.  The ways in which we collect and use your data vary depending on the relationship between you and the District.

Types of data that may be collected, used, and shared

Application and website usage information

As is true of most digital platforms, certain information is collected automatically when you use one of our applications or visit one of our websites (e.g., IP address, browser type, and device type).  We and our third-party vendors collect this information primarily to better understand user experiences and deliver relevant content. Data from the learning management system may be used to evaluate participation in coursework.

Student data

We collect and use various kinds of information when you apply for admission to the district, a program, or course offered by us; and if you seek financial aid.  The primary source of this information is from your application. We may solicit additional data, for example, from interviewers as part of the admissions process, standardized testing agencies, etc.

The information collected by us, or on our behalf, during the admissions process is collected for the primary purposes of considering your candidacy for admission to the District, a program, course, or evaluating your eligibility for financial aid.  If you are admitted and enrolled, this data is shared within the District and with certain third-party vendors to facilitate your education and other activities at the District.

Further information will be collected throughout your time at the district in support of your educational activities (course enrollments, grades, extracurricular activities, etc.) and is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other regulations.

Alumni and Donors

We collect and use various kinds of information about alumni, donors and prospective donors from a number of sources, including data you provide to us, for example, when you update your alumni or donor profile, connect with us on social media, complete a donation form, or register to attend events.  If you were a student or studied at the district, some of your information is transferred from your student record into our alumni databases.  We may also collect information from publicly available sources or third-party sources that support our operations.  The information is collected for the purposes of providing you opportunities to engage with the district, alumni, donors, prospective donors and students through interactions, events, and your gifts or donations.  We may disclose your data to other district affiliated entities and individuals such as alumni clubs, special interest groups, or volunteers when their work supports the institutional or education activities.

Employees and job applicants

We collect your information when you apply to work for us.  Further information collection occurs at hiring and throughout your relationship with us.  The information collected by us, or on our behalf, are collected for the primary purpose of providing employment, benefits, or enabling authorized persons to utilize our services and facilities. 

Research data

Our researchers and affiliates may collect, use and share your information as part of a research study in which you have agreed to participate as a research subject or researcher, or in which your existing information is used.  Normally, before any information is collected for research purposes, you will be provided a consent and/or authorization form relating to the specific research project that explains the types of data collected and the purposes for which such data are processed and shared.  In such a case, the description of the collection and use of your information provided in the consent and/or authorization form will replace the information provided here.  The information collected by our researchers and affiliates, or on their behalf, is collected for the primary purpose of furthering research and understanding in fields of academic study or in support of institutional or educational activities.


Some additional examples of institutional activities that could use your information are:

  • To comply with local, national, and international regulations;
  • To provide you with newsletters, articles, announcements, event invitations, and other information that we think may be of interest to you;
  • To offer attendance to events or opportunities to volunteer;
  • To ensure the safety and security of our constituents;
  • To explore ways to develop and grow our operations.