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Chancellor’s Newsletter – April 2021

UCD Wheelhouse Briefs on Student Parents UC Davis researchers recently published a brief titled “A Portrait of California Community College Students with Dependent Children” which captures the most comprehensive portrait yet of California college and university students who are parenting and applied for financial aid.  The brief includes details about how student parents differ from… Read more »

Chancellor’s Newsletter – March 2021

2021 YCCD Legislative Advocacy The YCCD Governing Board and members of the Chancellor’s Cabinet attended meetings with various legislators and the Department of Finance in February.  YCCD Legislative talking points included suggestions on how the FY 21-22 budget could be further refined and support for several proposed items including, support for additional funding for retirement… Read more »

Chancellor’s Newsletter – February 2021

CCLC Effective Trusteeship Workshop The Community College League of California hosted their annual Effective Trusteeship and Board Chair workshop January 20th – 22nd in a virtual setting.  Chancellor Houston was responsible for two sessions on Friday.  The first session focused on Board-CEO Relations and Board Support of the CEO.  The second session focused on Delivery… Read more »

Chancellor’s Newsletter – November 2020

YCCD Board Adopts 2020-2021 Budget The Yuba Community College District 2020-2021 Proposed Adopted Budget was presented to the Governing Board at the October 8 Regular Board meeting. The State Chancellor’s Office issued an Executive Order FS 20-07 on May 13, 2020, which suspends the requirement that each community college district file a tentative budget with… Read more »

Chancellor’s Newsletter – March 2020

ACCCA Conference 2020 Chancellor Houston, currently serving as the ACCCA Board President, attended the 45th ACCCA Conference in Riverside February 26 – 28, 2020.  Chancellor Houston opened the conference with a welcome address to ACCCA members and introduced the keynote speaker Dr. Cesar A. Cruz. Yuba College’s Dr. Carla Tweed and Dean Jeremy Brown presented… Read more »

Chancellor’s Newsletter – February 2020

Governor Releases 2020-2021 Budget Proposal Governor Newsom released his second budget proposal on January 10, 2020.  Under the proposed budget, the overall state budget would increase 3.4% from the enacted 2019-2020 budget, to $222.2 billion.  General Fund spending would increase 3.6%, to $153.1 billion.  Major themes in the Governor’s proposed budget include addressing the affordability… Read more »

Chancellor’s Newsletter – May 2019

YCCD Welcomes New Foundation Director YCCD offers a warm welcome to Mr. Jay Lowden, YCCD Foundation Director.  Mr. Lowden began his time with the YCCD Foundation and the District on April 29, 2019. Mr. Lowden previous served as the California YMCA President and CEO since 2009.  Lowden, who originally hails from Yuba City, spent 25… Read more »

Chancellor’s Newsletter – April 2019

Trustee Emeritus and Former Foundation Director Honored The Woodland Community College (WCC) Foundation hosted the seventh annual Founders Day Dinner Gala on Friday, March 15th.  Honored at the dinner was Trustee Emeritus Xavier Tafoya and former YCCD Foundation Director, Phil Krebs. Trustee Emeritus Tafoya spent 18 years, from December 2000 until September 2018, as a… Read more »

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