The District issued the Series D bonds in 2016.  The $26.5 million has been used to continue improvements necessary to meet workforce and academic program needs.  The funds also have been used for critical modernization projects.

Veterinary Technology Facility

The new facility, constructed to meet growing program demands, has more than doubled the classroom and laboratory space and now includes technology to provide distance learning opportunities to students across Northern California.

Campus IT Infrastructure Systems

Bond dollars enabled significant technology infrastructure improvements ranging from the installation of new server room hardware and upgraded campuswide wireless technology to improve cell phone coverage to distance learning improvements and other required technology improvements in support of the Technology Master Plan.

Energy Storage and Infrastructure

The District is committed to ensuring that all district and campus facilities support environmental sustainability.  Thus, bond funds were used to expand the campus’ energy storage infrastructure through the installation of more than 2,000 solar panels and 318 parking stalls covered by new solar carport structures. These solar panels, when combined with previous solar projects, will produce about 90% of the college’s total electricity needs. Moreover, after paying all costs associated with the solar panel systems, the solar systems are expected to generate $2.93 million in additional savings over the next 25 years. After paying all costs associated with the new energy storage systems, the campus will realize a net benefit of about $425,000 over the next 15 years.

Roofing Projects

Outdated and leaking roofs were replaced with energy-efficient roofing made of materials that cool surfaces to reduce utility costs. The new roofs also include a 25-year leak-free guarantee. All told, 11 buildings received new roofing systems.  The roofs on three additional buildings underwent extensive maintenance to address repairs.