Measure J

Voters approved Measure J in 2006. Work began quickly at Yuba and Woodland Colleges. Most of the major projects funded by Measure J were completed by spring 2014, including the construction of two new satellite campuses, new classrooms, and science and computer labs to expand student access to instructional programs and workforce training. Progress continues on the completion of a new facility at Woodland Community College and a wide range of modernization projects on both campuses.

Measure Q

In 2017, voters approved Measure Q, to re-authorize the District to issue the remaining balance of Measure J bond funding of $33,565 million. The bond funding is being used to complete remaining Measure J projects, including the Woodland Performing and Culinary Arts Facility, opening soon. Measure Q funds are addressing high-priority infrastructure and regulatory compliance projects including repairing water damage, installing ventilation and chiller replacement systems, and repairing and installing new roofing systems. Moreover, Measure Q funds are enabling the District to implement environmental sustainability priorities, including the installation of additional solar panels.

Bond ratings & Issuances