The Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) is responsible for providing leadership in the ongoing development, implementation, and assessment of District research, planning and student success initiatives. These functions include coordinating and/or supporting District Strategic Planning, Educational Master Planning, Strategic Enrollment Management; Data Integrity and Accuracy; annual action plans; research; grant proposals; and other institutional effectiveness assessments. This department leads and advocates for data-informed decision-making and provides statistical analyses for planning, evaluation, and continuous improvement. This department also does coordination for implementing state and federal requirements related to student success and works directly with colleges to enhance research efforts and support educational services. Services include:


  • Facilitating the development of policies and procedures for planning and research in conjunction with
    District and College goals and missions; providing consultation, support and/or technical assistance on
    specific District and College research projects
  • Identifying Disproportionate student outcomes on the basis of factors, such as, but not limited to, race,
    ethnicity, and gender, and then mobilize the District to improve results
  • Coordinating the operational activities related to district reporting to meet state and federal reporting
    requirements, IPEDS & MIS data validation coordination, etc.
  • Compiling, analyzing, and maintaining statistical and other data for reports related to institutional
    effectiveness from various internal and external sources, including overseeing administration of district-wide surveys, focus-groups and other user feedback activities
  • Providing leadership and technical expertise to ensure district data is as accurate as possible
  • Ensuring that strategic enrollment management targets are collaboratively developed, communicated,
    and monitored; working with colleges to develop processes, policies, technology and resources
    necessary to achieve enrollment and student success goals
  • Managing the Policy/Access & Student Success Committee presentation schedule and making
    presentations to District governance bodies and the Board of Trustees


Contact Information:

Steven Nguyen

Director of Institutional Effectiveness


College-Specific Websites:

Yuba College Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness

Woodland Community College Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness


Additional Resources:

Data at the CCCCO: Includes Student Success Metrics, Data Mart, Data Element Dictionary, LaunchBoard, and others that relate to California Community Colleges.

IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System): Includes data at a national level on all college systems, including community colleges.

Connecting to California State Universities: Provides general information about our students and their progress in the CSU’s.

Transfer Information: Data linked to both CSUs or UCs

Department of Education: Provides Community College Facts at a Glance

Census Information – Provides general information about our regional population

Labor Market Information – Data provided by the California Employment Development Department