9                      Executive Assistant to the Vice President

12                  Executive Assistant to the College President

12                   Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor of Educational Planning and Services

12                   Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor Administrative Services

10                   Assistant Director-TRiO

10                   Assistant Director-MESA

12                   Executive Assistant-Office Coordinator

12                   Analyst, Human Resource (Recruitment, EEO, Benefits, Payroll)

14                   Officer, Human Resources-Academics

14                   Officer, Human Resources-Classified

14                   Fiscal Analyst

15                  Executive Assistant to the Chancellor and Board of Trustees

16                  Printing Supervisor

20                 Director Upward Bound

22                 Director, Academic Excellence

22                 Director, Resource Development – FKCE

25                Chief of Police

26                 Director of Special Programs

28                 Assistant Director EOP and S-CARE

28                 Director of Enrollment Services

28                 Campus Operations Director

28                 Director, Financial Aid

28                 Assistant Director of Maintenance and Operations

30                Director of Child Development Center-Foster Care Education-Independent Living Skills

30                District Registrar

30                Grant Research Development Officer

31                Computer/Network Services Supervisor

31                Information Systems Administrative Applications Supervisor

33                Director of EOP and S- CalWORKS

33                Director of Fiscal Services

33                Director, TRiO

33                 Director of Matriculation

34                 Director, Athletics/Health/PE b

34                 Director of Counseling

34                Director of Career and Technical Education

34                 Director of Public Safety

37                 Dean of Applied Academics

37                 Dean of Art and Education

37                  Dean of CTE

37                   Dean, Instruction 

37                  Dean of STEM and Social Sciences

37                  Dean of Student Services

37                  Dean of Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness

37                   Dean, Student Success

38                   Director, Maintenance and Operations/Facilities

40                   Chief Human Resources Officer

40                  Dean of Lake County Campus

40                  Director of IT Infrastructure and Security

45                  Chief Technology Officer

45                  Vice President of Academic and Student Services

46                  Director of Health and Medical Career Programs and Nursing

50                  College President

50                  Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services

50                  Vice Chancellor of Education and Planning Services

Contract        Chancellor