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Article 17 Reclassification

Bilingual Stipend Procedures and Application

Calendar 2021-2022

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Classified Calendar – 2017-2018

Classified Employees Salary Schedule – 2019-2020

Classified Staff Request to Teach

DE 4 Form State

Demographic Information

Distributive Education Stipend Template for Full-Time Faculty

District Management Salary Schedule

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Dual Enrollment Application

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Emergency Preparedness Handbook

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Evaluation Librarian Revised Addendum

Employee Evaluation – Faculty Pilot Counselor Addendum A

Employee Evaluation – Faculty Student Evaluation

Employee Evaluation – Faculty Student Librarian Evaluation

Employee Evaluation – Faculty Student Reference Evaluation

Employee Evaluation – TEMPORARY Faculty Evaluation Packet

Employee Evaluation – TENURE TRACK Faculty Evaluation Packet

Employee Evaluation – TENURED Faculty Evaluation Packet

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Employee Evaluation–Adjunct Form 1E1 PT

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Employment Confirmation–Permanent PT Classified Extra Hours

Employment Confirmation–Student

Employment Confirmation-Temporary Classified Professional Expert Short-Term Substitute

Employment Confirmation–Temporary Instructional Assignment

Employment Hiring Packet – Part-Time Faculty

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan 2018

Ergonomic Workstation Set Up Flyer

Faculty Hiring Manual 2007

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Hiring the EEO Way 2015

Human Resources Master Plan – Addendum

Human Resources Master Plan

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IRS Form W-4 Federal

IRS Form W-9 Federal

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Leave Request Report of Absence

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Live-scan-form-Rev.-12.21 Temp and Current Employees

Live Scan Form New Permanent Employees

Load Banking Agreement Request

Making the YCCD Connection-February 8, 2011

Mandated Reporting_Child Abuse_DOJ Form SS8572

Minimum Qualification Equivalency Determination Procedure (Board Approved 2021-07-08) (1)

Minimum Qualification Equivalency Determination Statement

Minimum Qualifications for CCC – 2014

Minimum Qualifications- YCCD Addendum 06-09-10

New Employee–Manager’s Checklist

Office Hour Stipend for PT Faculty Request Form

Organizational Structure

Out-Of-Class Pay Request

Overtime Approval–Compensatory Time Off CTO

Part-Time Faculty Hiring Packet

Part-Time Faculty Stipend Approval Form

Pilot Teleworker Handbook and Forms (10 18 21)

Pilot Teleworker Agreement Form (10 18 21)

Pilot Telework Review Form (10 18 21)

Telework Review Form (10 18 21)

POA Salary schedule – 2019 2020 – 2021 2022

Professional Growth–Guidelines

Professional Growth–Notice of Completion

Professional Growth–Notice of Intent

Recommendation to Employ

Reference Check Template

Salary Redirection Agreement – 2017

Salary Schedule- 2012-2013 Classified Employees Position Titles

Salary Schedule- 2014-2015 Management PositionTitles

Salary Schedule- 2017-2018 Classified Employees

Salary Schedule- 2017-2018 Extra-Pay

Salary Schedule- 2017-2018 Full-Time Faculty

Salary Schedule- 2017-2018 Management Employees

Salary Schedule- 2017-2018 YCCD-POA

Salary Schedule- 2018 Summer Intersession

Salary Schedule- 2018-2019 Extra-Pay

Salary Schedule- 2018-2019 Full-Time Faculty

Salary Schedule- 2019 Summer Intersession

Salary Schedule- 2019-2020 Part-Time Faculty Employeespdf

Student application

TB Information- Current Employee

TB Information-Prospective Employee

Temporary Telecommuting Memo

Volunteer Agreement

Workers Compensation – Company Nurse Employee – EZ Reference Guide

Workers’ Compensation Claim Form DWC 1

Workers’ Compensation- Incident Investigation

Workers Compensation- Notice to Employees

Workers’ Compensation Packet

Workers’ Compensation Pre Designation

Workers’ Compensation Treatment Location

YCCD Complaint

YCCD Complaint-Unlawful Discrimination Rev. 111721

YCCD Marketplace Coverage Options

YCCD Reopening Document – 06.03.2020