YCCD Grant Research & Development


The Office of Grant Research and Development (GRD) is responsible for researching funding opportunities and assisting the college leadership teams with proposal and budget development. As a member of the district-wide Central Services team, GRD ensures that proposals comply with funding guidelines and Federal, State and District policies. GRD is also responsible for coordinating submission of applications to the State of California, federal agencies, CCCCO and private foundations.

The Office of Grant Research and Development currently provides the following services:

Pre-award Training and Assistance with:
• Ideation/brainstorming
• Identifying funding sources
• Assisting in development of program models & design
• Writing and providing technical review for grant proposals
• Securing institutional approval
• Submitting grant applications

Post-award Grant Oversight, Assistance, and Support Services for:
Contract development and review
Assistance with funding agency approvals (for budget transfers/modifications, change of scope and no-cost extensions)
Liaison with a program officer or representative at funding agency
Providing research, analysis, and internal reports when necessary
Monitoring compliance with terms of award, budget & grant agreement
Securing signatures on contracts & agreements
Maintaining grants submission and award files for audits, etc.


Contact Information:
Tonya Mack, Director, Grants Research and Development
Email: tmack@yccd.edu  |   Phone: 530-741-6987