Food Pantries…Nourishing an Education

Every day students in community colleges are hungry, and every day many of those students don’t know where their next meal is coming from. According to a recent study by the California Community College Chancellors Office 52% of community college students worry about their food running out before having enough money to buy more. In the same study they found that students living in a state of food insecurity received grades of “C” or below at higher rates than students who did not experience food insecurity.

Every month food pantries on the campuses of Woodland Community College and Yuba College provide nearly 2,000 free meals and healthy snacks to hungry students. You can support one of our campus food pantries with a gift by clicking on of the following links. Every gift is important, every gift is appreciated and every gift helps nourish an education.

Click Here: Lake County Pantry         

Click Here: Yuba College Dusty’s Pantry           

Click Here: Woodland Community College Pantry

Mission Statement

The Yuba Community College District Foundation’s purpose is to seek, manage and administer funds for the betterment of student-centered programming and services at the six primary educational facilities that comprise the Yuba Community College District.

Helping Students Succeed in Lake County

Adopt a 5th Grader is a program that benefits deserving students in the communities of South Lake County. It is  part of the Lake Campus Fund of the Yuba Community College District Foundation.

Adopt a Fifth-Grader program helps motivate young students to complete high school and go to college. The program impress upon students at an early age the importance of coeducation; it promotes and recognizes good study and citizenship habits; and the program targets students who might not otherwise be motivated due to difficult circumstances.

A charitable gift of $700 will adopt one fifth grader at a local elementary school in South Lake County. That gift is invested and grow to $1,000 by the time the recipient 5th Grader graduates from high school. By graduating from High School students can receive either a $500 cash award, or a $1,000 scholarship if they choose to attend the Lake County Campus of Woodland Community College.

the goal for the first year of the program is to adopt no-less than one 5th Grader at each elementary school in South Lake County. If you want more information on the program contact Jay Lowden, Foundation Director at

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