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Link to Draft Strategic PlanFor over 90 years, the faculty and staff of the Yuba Community College District (YCCD) have continuously demonstrated a commitment to our students, their achievement, and academic success.

To support student learning and provide increased access, YCCD is dedicated to a process of systematic quality improvement. The Integrated Planning Model summarizes the long- and short-term planning that the District engages in to improve the quality of our programs and services.

YCCD Board Policy 3250 – Institutional Planning references this responsibility:

“The Chancellor shall ensure that the District has and implements a broad-based comprehensive, systematic and integrated system of planning that involves appropriate segments of the college community and is supported by institutional effectiveness research.” (BP 3250)

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the District will engage in the work of creating a new YCCD Strategic Plan.  The following planning priorities articulated by the Chancellor and Board of Trustees will guide this work:

  • Community Oriented: Focused on our communities’ education, economic, civic/social, and health priorities;
  • Future Facing: Anticipating and shaping the future of education, the future of work, and the future of our communities; and will
  • Leverage Partnerships: Extend access to a broad array of educational programs through strategic partnerships


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As we work to define and articulate our vision for the future, we will engage in conversations exploring questions that include:

  • Who are the college students of 2030? What are their needs?
  • What is the future of teaching and learning?
  • What does the higher education environment look like post Covid-19
  • How will our district fulfill our evolving mission?
  • How does YCCD transform the lives of our students and the futures of the communities we serve?

Our goal is to engage our communities in a planning process that it is collaborative and future-facing.  We want to develop an organizational culture that is prepared for the future, and responsive and equitable in serving all students and our communities. We will seek to engage our internal and external communities to actively co-construct the future we want.  Our planning will create space and opportunity for active dialogue and engagement.

How Can You Participate?

  • Attend College/District Workshops
  • Join the YCCD Foresight Community of Practice
  • Complete surveys to provide feedback
  • Attend DC3 committee meetings (DC3 is the governance body that will manage this work)


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