Chancellor Search

The Position

The Governing Board of the Yuba Community College District comprised of seven elected members and two student trustees seek an experienced community college leader who is equity-minded, student-centered, able to lead an engaged and enthusiastic faculty and staff, and provide participatory leadership beginning on/or about July 1, 2023.

Minimum Qualifications

  • An earned master’s degree from an accredited college or university in any field related to the mission and purpose of a community college. Doctorate preferred.
  • At least five years of demonstrated senior level experience in directing major components of a large, complete organization, preferably a multi-campus higher education institution including at least three years’ experience at the level of Chief Executive Officer, Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, College President, Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent.

Desired Qualifications

  • A leader who is committed to student access and success.
  • An individual who will use data-informed decision-making to improve student learning, participative governance, District process and collaboration.
  • An educator who has a proven track record that demonstrates a commitment to transparency, and who incorporates input from constituent groups through collegial consultation and collective bargaining.
  • A politically astute individual with experience at the local, state, and federal level who will be an influential voice in Sacramento.
  • A visionary leader with experiences in college teaching, Academic Administration, Student Services, or Administrative Services, and who supports faculty, instruction, and adult education.
  • A passionate and engaged leader who values and supports staff development, and acknowledges contributions.
  • A fiscally competent leader, who will maintain the District’s fiscal stability, securing sufficient resources to fund operations and provide strong controls to prevent fiscal mismanagement.
  • An approachable and friendly leader, who will challenge, motivate, and maintain a sense of unity of purpose.
  • An insightful leader open to innovation and change and who will align programs with emerging employment and vocational needs.
  • A visionary team builder for online education.
  • An effective communicator who will serve a chief educational spokesperson for the District.
  • A caring leader who will foster and support an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.
  • A solution seeker who skillfully uses the District’s influence to form sustainable, strategic partnerships and collaborative projects with the community’s educational institutions, civic organization, businesses, and the community.
  • A non-partisan individual who understands the importance of a relationship-building within the service area as a future investment for the college and District advancement.
  • An individual who understands the role of the Board of Trustees and is committed to maintain a solid CEO/Trustee relationship.
  • An exceptional communicator who is willing to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and open communication between the Board and college community.

Compensation and Benefits

The Yuba Community College District offers a comprehensive compensation and fringe benefits package including medical, dental, vision, sick leave, vacation, and opportunities for professional development.  Salary and other benefits, depending on experience and qualifications, are highly competitive within the northern California region and negotiated with the Board of Trustees.

General Position Responsibilities

Relationship with the Governing Board
Educational Leadership
Human Resources and Faculty, Staff, Administrative Relations
Fiscal Planning and Oversight
Facilities Planning and Oversight
Community, State, and Public Relations