The Placement Examination

All student who plan to enroll in Mathematics or English courses or courses with a heavy reading content, math content, or those who intend to graduate or transfer units to another institution, as well as concurrently enrolled high school students, are advised to complete the Yuba College Placement Examination prior to enrolling into classes.

The Examination assesses a student’s reading, English, and mathematics skills.

This assessment generates a profile of the student’s skills, which, along with other factors (such as the student’s past experience, grades, difficulty of current schedule, etc.,) a counselor can use to advise the student on the best courses to meet her/his individual educational goals. Assessment is a component of Matriculation.

Students and prospective student may take the Placement Examination three times in a two-year period, twice in any semester and onetime in any 30-day period.

Testing Policy

YCCD uses The College Boards, Accuplacer System, (CPTs) Computerized Placement Tests.

About The Tests

Sample Test Questions

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