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Osher Benefit:  The Osher Scholarship campaign received a boost during the Summer of 2010 when Mr. Robert Mathews, a rice farmer from District 10 (Marysville) made his spacious and beautiful property available to the Yuba CCD Foundation for a Sunset Party.  Owing to this and similar efforts, the Foundation has now (October 2010) raised enough support for 21 Osher Scholarships. 

The Osher Scholarship Campaign is the result of the $75 million dollar donation from the Bernard Osher Foundation to the Foundation for California Community Colleges.  Each community college in California is challenged to raise a specified amount of money proportional to the number of students who attend each school.  These permanently endowed, need-based scholarships are given competitively to students who have successfully completed 24 units and are enrolled for at least six units during each semester of support.

News Stories:

Family of Former YCCD Trustee Establishes Endowed Scholarship
(February 1, 2011)

A newly endowed, $1,000 per year, scholarship has been established in recognition of Mary Rai, the mother of former YCCD Trustee, Leela Rai.  The Mary Rai Endowed Scholarship will be available to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  Additionally Mrs. Rai has determined that candidates for this scholarship should demonstrate a sound track record of academic achievement (24 completed units) and a penchant toward giving back to the community. 

The Mary Rai Endowed Scholarship will be available to students of Yuba College’s campuses in Marysville, Beale Air Force Base and (eventually) Sutter County.  The scholarship is one of the family of “Osher Scholarships” available throughout Yuba Community College District.  Under this program, a scholarship can become “endowed” through a $13,500 gift from the donor, which is then matched by a $6,750 benevolence from the Bernard Osher Foundation.  This support is derived from a $75 million dollar gift from the Osher Foundation to the Foundation for California Community Colleges.  Under this statewide community college initiative, colleges within Yuba Community College District can collectively earn up to 35, permanently endowed, $1,000 annual scholarships.  The District must raise $344,760 by June of 2011 to achieve its share of these endowed scholarships.  The students who receive these scholarships will be known as “Osher Scholars” while individually, the Mary Rai Endowed Scholarship, and others like it, will retain their identity.

The Mary Rai Endowed Scholarship was originally established in 1999 and was supported, on an annual basis, by Mrs. Rai’s continuing generous gifts.  Mrs. Rai was a recognized community leader throughout recent decades.  Among her activities were countless hours of assistance to immigrant families as they adapted to the culture(s) and formalities of adjusting to life in the United States.  Today she enjoys her retirement in Yuba City.  Her daughter, former YCCD Board of Trustee Leela Rai, has also provided extensive support to Yuba College through ongoing gifts to the program “Crossing Borders, Building Bridges”, a highly heralded multi-cultural initiative that has broadened the diversity of programming in the Yuba-Sutter region.


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